Jiang Nanqing

President, Green Inclusive

When China set its goal of being carbon neutral by 2060, one of the propellers in achieving that ambition is how technology is an enabler and partner in the process. Conversations 3-2-1 with Nanqing Jiang, President of Green Inclusive, a green mobility platform started by China Beijing Environment Exchange shows how transportation is a key area to target. With her extensive experience in the area of global environment policy at the UN Environment Programme, Nanqing shares how the Green Inclusive platform to reduce carbon emissions is just the first step to long term change.

Hannah Friedman

Investment Associate, Closed Loop Partners

Capturing value in a circular economy and why these investments become the game changers for innovation. AlterPacks Conversations 3-2-1 with Hannah Friedman, Investment Associate from New York based Closed Loop Partners continues. Hannah provides her insights on why significant change can take place with a well-designed circular economy system.

Christina Lee

Founder and CEO of Global Green Connect and GGEF

Purpose-driven social enterprise found a champion in Christina Lee, Founder & CEO of Global Green Connect. She joins AlterPacks Conversations 3-2-1 and discusses how to mobilise youth to take up the climate change drive. Christina is an advisor of Tsinghua University X-Lab and a mentor of University of Geneva Open Seventeen Programme.

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Marcus Lui

Design Thinking Strategist

Conversations 3-2-1 continues with Marcus Lui, design thinking strategist who shared his insights – to expand the notion of “human-centered” design to “life-centered” and help prevent unintended negative impact on the environment. Marcus advises governments and corporations on design thinking in action as Principal of Quo Vadis Innovation & Design Consulting, based in Hong Kong. Our conversation touched on single use plastics in the airline industry to sustainable fashion.

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Fabienne A. Serfaty

Social Impact Investor

Fabienne A. Serfaty is an impact investor who has sat on the boards of Ashoka and Climate Earth Environmental Lawyers. She is passionate about helping companies get to nett zero, and is CEO and Founder of Impactwave, a consulting solutions company. Our conversation touched on government commitments in climate initiatives, ESG and her forecast for 2021.