Our Products

Eco-friendly Containers

Made with spent grains

FDA & SFA certified

Plant-based fibres

No leaks, dents and spills

Freezer and microwave friendly


What is spent grain?

Alterpacks uses spent grains such as malt and barley that food manufacturers have used in their production cycle and are then disposed. These grains are "spent" and would go to a landfill, used as compost or animal feed. We upcycle these spent grains to create food containers that are 100% organic, for a truly circular solution.

Is it safe?

Alterpacks containers have received United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Singapore Food Agency (SFA) certification for direct food contact. These spent grains are made of malt and cereals and are natural raw materials. You can place the containers in a freezer and microwave when ready to eat your meal


500ml Rectangular Box with Lid

180 x 128 x 38mm, 28g


650ml Rectangular Box with Lid

180 x 128 x 45mm, 30g


800ml Rectangular Box with Lid

180 x 128 x 57mm, 34g


1000ml Rectangular Box with Lid

180 x 128 x 72mm, 36g

Double-decker Container with Lid and Inner Tray (1250ml)

Lid 24.5 x 156.5 x 17.6mm
Tray 199.9 x 134.8 x 27.6mm
Base 222.1 x 154.2 x 59.8mm

3 Compartment Bento Box with Lid (1100ml)

223.8 x 203.8 x 51.6mm (L x W x D)

Bowl with Lid

120 x 65mm (Diameter x H)

Bowl with Lid

146.8 x 87.6mm (Diameter x H)

Mega Container with Lid

200 x 200 x 59.4mm

(Individually or in a set)

Asian Spoon 136.7 x 41.9 x 49.6mm
Fork 175.6 x 34.3 x 12.3mm
Spoon 185.6 x 40.2 x 13.0mm
Knife 181.9 x 25.3 x 8.3mm
(Available individually or in a set)

Cup Lid
with Straw Opening

90mm (Diameter)